Month: February 2015

Tell Em!

I just wanted to post this video I’ve stumbled upon on YouTube. Tell Em Steve-Dave is one of my favorite podcasts and might just be the very reason I started podcasting in the first place. Its kinda rare to actually see footage from around the famed TESD poker table and I find this video really […]

Pony “Signature” Guitars


After seeing Gnome’s awesome signature 70’s style jazzmaster I had to create myself one. I lean towards the early 60’s Fender colors. Lots of reds, blues and greens. I decided on just the single pickup because I find myself never using the neck pickup. Ever. Dig the matching headstock! I don’t think my signature les […]

Gnome “Signature” Guitars


    Jazzmaster Not official…or even in the works. But if Fender/Squier were to offer a Gnome Jazzmaser, this would be it. Typically my tastes in guitars scream 70’s rock – and this is no exception. Jaguar My Jag would share similar features as my Jazzmaster. 70’s cosmetics and a very thin nitro finish to […]