Month: March 2015

Episode 28 Abra Chupracabra


On this exciting episode on the FatPonyGnome Show we examine : – Pony’s radio fantasy – The Artie Lange Racist Twitter fiasco – Gnome’s weird elementary school friend initiation – Why does guys initiation’s always include wiener torture? – Pony’s horrifying watermelon hazing – Gnome schools us on American Folklore and mythical creatures And lots […]

Gnome’s Desk


So, I know I’m a little late. Pony has had his desk setup on here for quite some time, finally after doing a little clean up – it’s my turn. It’s kinda hard to do one of these for my desk, because its somewhat ever changing, not really in a good way though. I’m shamefully […]


Back on STITCHER! Yes, thats right. We are back on Stitcher. I won’t go into details of the issues, but they appear to all be solved and we are ready to rock and or rock. And for you itunes users, we might have a little something for you soon as well. **UPDATE and now we […]