Month: March 2015

The FPG AfterShow episode 25


Gonna try something new this week. This week we are gonna post the extra material that we record after every episode as a standalone episode. I present to you The FPG AfterShow! It’s an uncut and uncensored pile of conversational humor for your listening amusement. Hear us stumble, bumble and fumble. The stuff you weren’t […]

Episode 25 Stone Cold Gnome


Topics on this weeks episode of the FatPonyGnome Show include : – We praise each others work on the FatPonyGnome Show – More rants about people who annoy us : Video game Youtubers, Guitar Shredders on Youtube, and loud obnoxious football douche fans. – The FPG handshake – Gnome’s childhood identity crisis’s. – Mom interrupts […]