gnoemscornerHey hey FatPonyGnomie’s. Welcome to issue #3 of Gnome’s Corner.

On the last issue I posted a possible cover for the 1st issue of They Came. That night I laid in bed and couldn’t stop thinking about the drawing I posted. It just wasn’t right. It was….passable, but off. I didn’t use any kind of reference while drawing it and it dawned on me that I should have. The next day I had my lovely wife take a reference photo of me in the desired pose and went back to the drawing board – and the result?wayne











The first image was drawn using a reference photo and the second wasn’t. There’s a pretty big difference and I learned a lesson – USE A REFERENCE. Especially if its a pose that you’ve never drawn before.

Yesterday was Wednesday – otherwise known as New Comic Day.

My Haul consisted of:


Check back tomorrow for a review on Batman and The Walking Dead.

That wraps us up for today – see you next time.




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