gnoemscornerHello my Gnomies. I know I promised Batman and Walking Dead reviews today, but thats gonna have to wait. I got caught up in a few other projects today and I’d like to have time to sit down and do “proper” Gnome reviews for those.

I’m almost finished with the first episode of the “not-so-super-secret” project that we’ve been teasing forever. Ok…its a new podcast that is being editing by yours truly. It hasn’t official been released or anything so it can’t possibly be considered late.

layoutThis is what else is up. Working on the first issue of “They Came” in manga studio. Here’s a little text spoiler if you wanna zoom in and get a peek at the first page. But honestly, its not much of a spoiler. In a most unconventional matter I’ve finished the layouts for the first page…and the last page. But they both contained ideas that I desperately didn’t want to forgot. But the joy of working digitally and in manga studio is that everything can be change at a moments noticed.

I browsed a few different sites trying to find a font to use for the text. On my previous comic strips I’ve always just hang written everything, but now that I’m getting a little more intense with captions and dialog the thought of hand writing everything sounds exhausting – plus I’m looking for consistency.

After being disappointed by what the world of “hand written” fonts had to offer, plus losing the personal touch of myself I decided to make my own font of my own hand writing. MyScriptFont is a great website-based tool for making your own font. After downloading the PNG template and loading it into manga studio I was able to use my monoprice tablet to fill it out. Upload the completed template to the site and it converts it into your own font. Super easy.

Oh yea – me and the wife went to the flea market today. The only thing we purchased? Corn dogs. Of course.


and yes…they were delicious.

Until next time: Be excellent to each other.



  1. Ooh a make your own font sotware!! That’s exciting! That’s some professional looking text you have there. Can’t wait to see the completed page.

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