gnoemscornerAlright yer bastards! It’s time for another issue of Gnome’s Corner, welcome – I am your host: Gnome!

In this issue ol Gnome is gonna fill you in on a relatively new comic from Image

Southern Bastards 001-004I’m going to cover the first story arc that includes issue 01-04 and there will be spoilers-a-plenty. Consider this your warning.

Southern Bastards 001-001_002

Southern Bastards follows Earl Tubb as he returns home to Craw County Alabama in order to tend to his late fathers home after its occupant (Earl’s Uncle) is put into a retirement home. He finds the small town is just as small as he left it, and perhaps even more back-woods.

Like most southern small towns two things reign supreme in Craw County: high school football and ribs.

ivejustcomeforribsCraw County is something like the old west. The high school football coach, “Coach Boss”, has the town in his pocket, including the sheriff. He is virtually invincible and the whole town is well aware.

While enjoying some ribs Earl is recognized by an old..I guess we’ll call him a friend. Dusty owes money to Coach Boss and is about to receive a beating from Esaw Goings when Earl intervenes. A hot fryer to the face usually works.

Southern Bastards 001-019

Esaw - without the hot fryer in his face.

Esaw – without the hot fryer in his face.

Poor Tad. He just wanted to watch TV.

Poor Tad. He just wanted to watch TV.

Despite escaping a beating and possible death, Dusty does eventually meet his end at the hands of Coach Boss’s minions. This, coupled with the beating a kid who has taken a liking to watching tv at Earls uncle’s house,  prompts our hero to take on the boss – whatever the cost.


Southern Bastards 003-005_006

Southern Bastards 004-016

Man, this place must have great ribs.

Earl busts in to take care of the boss. But he doesn’t seem to realize that the boss is one tough bastard!

Southern Bastards 004-020He takes a beating, to put it lightly. The towns people all watch at Coach Boss delivers the final blow to poor ol Earl Tubbs. A crack upside the head by his daddy’s ol beating stick (I left this detail out on purpose – check out the comic to learn of the significance) relieves Earl’s skull of his brain matter, and it’s curtains for Mr. Tubbs.

Southern Bastards 004-023

This ends the first story arc of Southern Bastards.

In a previous issue of Gnome’s Corner I posted my comic haul, Southern Bastards #10 was among the lot. At that point I hadn’t read any issues, but I noticed the comic was starting to cause a buzz. I decided to grab the current issue while I could, since it’s still early in it’s run I wouldn’t have trouble jumping on. I read the first 6 issues digitally and I’ll continue until I get to issue 10 and from there I’ll be grabbing the physical copies.

Typically I don’t go for anything too heavily rooted in “southern” flavor. I’m from the south and I don’t particularly need it seeping into my comics. But after checking out the artwork and story line I just can’t help myself. It’s raw, gritty and wonderful.

Southern Bastards 002-023I was really thrown and impressed at the twist to kill off what appeared to be the main character so early in the series. I, in no way, was expecting to see Earl’s head smashed in. While the story was interesting and held my attention, I was admittedly drawn in more by the artwork. As I stated before, its gritty, raw, slightly “unrefined” at time and I love it. I love the random pooping dogs, the rib references and gore. SB is definitely a title for mature readers; a young Coach Boss walks into his house filled with chickens and his Father and buddies banging some random girls at one point. If you are looking for something a little different, with a b movie horror feel, give Southern Bastards a shot. You won’t be disappointed. If you are, you can have some ribs – on me.

Southern Bastards 001-012Southern Bastards – GOOD AS HELL



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