gnoemscornerHello friends, welcome to another issue of Gnome’s Corner.

This is gonna be a short post, but I thought it’d be interesting to get this out there.

I know it’s been said that no one wants to hear about someone else’s dreams unless it is about them, but hear me out. I’ve recently had a dream that the U.S. government had started bombing and attacking it’s own civilians. I remember running to escape explosions and watching the news on tv that the death tolls was in the millions. Before I woke up, I distinctly remember wondering if some other country was going to come to our aid. Would anyone save the American people from our own government? My heart sank as I realized that no, no one was coming to our aid. Due to the world hating our country. Pretty disturbing.

Until the next dooming issue of Gnome’s Corner, be excellent to each other.


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