Episode 22 I’m Ralph. He’s Herman

Topics on this weeks episode of the FatPonyGnome Show include :
– “Retro News” Max Headroom broadcast signal intrusion discussion
– Angry Video Game Nerd the Movie teaser
– Violent pc game “Hatred” trailer review
– Can video game violence go too far?
– “History Lesson” The invention of pockets and the metal flask
– People who put too much time into their look annoy us
– Youtube video cliches we hate to see
– What’s in our desert island crash backpack
Plus lots more of your pals Pony and Gnome’s unique brand of irreverent humor! Sounds exciting doesn’t it?!

I’m Ralph. He’s Herman.


Listen for this clip to pop up in the podcast. Yeah, the only good circus music I could find was played by a Satanist.


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