Episode 39 Mustache, Hot or Not?

Episode 39 Mustache, Hot or Not

Hello all you cosmic space explorers, on this episode of the FatPonyGnome Show we delve into our psyche and pull out these ideas :
– A Texas middle school teacher holds her 8th annual ghetto classroom award ceremony and gives one student the Huh? award. Parents be mad and shit.
– In other news, Japanese children are killing each other. Fatponygnome try to find out why.
– What movies and video games do serial killers watch and play? This is the kind of important questions our show asks. I’m guessing Super Mario.
– More weiner talk. This time it’s about Asian men. It happens.
– Is the mustache unfairly thought of as the facial hair worn by sexual deviants and pervs. Pony thinks so.
– Clint Eastwood made a transgender joke. tee heee 🙂
– We take a look at recent pics of Tim Curry. Our hearts have broken….
And mo’ fun topics!
Later Dudes!


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