Episode 42 The Podwhackers

Episode 42 The Podwhackers

Hey it’s time for another slice of ear candy for your hungry, sleep deprived mind! Listen up maggots. I mean friends. Sorry I called you maggot, that was rude:
– Another Bigfoot sighting! This time in Virginia and of course the photo is blurry as piss. Always blurry!
– Mysterious sea monster carcass washes up on the shores of Russia. Scientist say its a mutated hairy dolphin. I say it’s a Sea Monster.
– Wanna go to Mars and colonize that bad boy? The Dutch plan to send a one way Spaceship to mars in 2024. Sign up now! I already have. Mars needs people to dig holes right?
– News from the Bowl! A 16 year old British girl with toilet phobia dies from stool withholding. Yeah.
– Gnome loses power at his home for a day and asks the question : Is life worth living without air conditioning?
– New Segment! Gnome Facts! Gnome states some little known facts. Such as to contact the Canadian government dial 1 800 O-Canada. And Gnome’s idea of ideal evening wear is a cape, top hat, and sundress.
– More news. A 45 year old woman arrested after allegedly bringing strawberry lubricant to a Florida movie theater so she could have sex with her 11-year-old ‘crush’. Flavored lubricant ….Interesting.
And more on this 42nd episode!

Here’s a link to the Randy Quaid video we watched on the episode.

Bigfoot in Virginia
Russian Sea Monster
hairy dolphin


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