Episode 44 Nutsack ball ironing

Episode 44

Download Here : Episode 44 Nutsack ball ironing

Hi you ponymaniacs! Tonight I’ve brought you a sizzling serving of podcasting goodness. This episode we ripping through these topics :
– Gnome explains what hypertrophy of the breasts is. It means they get really really fat and plump.
– George Clooney had his nutsack ironed to get all the wrinkles out and to obtain a youthful boyish appearance.
– Bush can’t sell records, rock music is dead, and we’re pissed about it.
– Now that we’re getting internet famous we have to work out which side of our face is our good side. Whichever side I don’t have a boog hanging is good enough for me.
– Luis Garavito of Columbia is the reigning champion of serial killing with 138 confirmed bodies. And he could be released within 3 years for good behavior. Isn’t that nice?
– Ariana Grande is a singing buttknocker who breaks into doughnut shops and licks all the doughnuts before they are sold to unsuspecting customers. Then she rubs the doughnuts on her bootyhole. Or something like that. I wasn’t really listening.
– And then we hate on some more celebrities. I was cranky and sick with a fever during the recording of this episode.

Goodnight sweeties, we shall return soon!


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