FPG ep. 49.5 Buck’s Beaver

You thought this was gonna be episode 50 didn’t ya! Well no says I! This is an in between episode while we plan out the big extravaganza 50th episode! On this episode we discuss the pc gaming sleepover we had at Gnome’s house for his 27th birthday. Then we discuss Pizza Hut for about 10 minutes because Gnome is pissed they didn’t have his favorite pizza. Next up we talk about how Roberto Esquivel Cabrera can’t get a job or date because of his enormous 19 inch penis and a double dong dude update. Continuing with the wiener theme, Dorian Thorn was talked into cutting off his own wiener by the internet. Lolz. Gnome asks the question, what would happen if men and women switched their sex organs but still had the same roles in life? Then we round off this episode with some Buck Angel impersonations. Thanks and goodnight.

Download Here : FPG ep. 49.5 Buck’s Beaver

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