Howdy FatPonyGnome Fanatics – today I’d like to announce a new, daily segment exclusive to “Gnome’s Corner”.

I’ve noticed the site has become a little lonely waiting for new episodes of the podcast you all love, so I’ve decided to make it a point to check in every day and post something new. It may be as little as a check in of what I’ve done all day, or it may be a new photo, drawing or whatever spills from this Gnome’s head.

Today I’m gonna close with what music I’ve been listening to lately. And kids…Slayer has been on my mind.

Slayer-DiabolusInMusicaThis Slayer to be exact. 1998’s Diabolus in Musica. I’m pretty sure our good buddy Pony got this album from BMG‘s now defunct “12 cds for the price of 1” deal. Man, those were the days. Order cds from a catalog, waiting and waiting for them to come in. When they finally do, its like Christmas. When you are a young Pony and Gnome, you don’t get a lot of new cds, so we wore these suckers out. No one today knows the value music used to have. It’s a shame.

I also wanna leave you with this little gem, history perhaps: record music videos on VHS so you can watch them over..and over…and over again. Enjoy this Slayer classic – Stain of Mind.





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