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So, I know I’m a little late. Pony has had his desk setup on here for quite some time, finally after doing a little clean up – it’s my turn. It’s kinda hard to do one of these for my desk, because its somewhat ever changing, not really in a good way though. I’m shamefully unorganized and my desk is 95% cluttered most of the time.

  1. ┬áLogitech G13 Gamepad. Pony swears I made fun of his calling it the ultimate nerd accessory. I don’t entirely recall it going down that way. I picked this bad boy up from craigslist – and I couldn’t be happier. It has a sweet backlit display, 4 rows of keys, on the go macro setting and a crap load more. I was hesitate to purchase this with it not being mechanical keys, but I couldn’t have been more wrong. I absolutely love it.
  2. Corsair K70 with Blue keys. I had a little bit of money gathered for picking up a mech keyboard, being impatient I headed to my local Best Buy. Initially, I bought a Razer Black Widow (with their version of blue keys). I really dug the tactile feel of the keys but I wasn’t in love with the Razer aesthetics. The same day – it was packed up and returned. My second keyboard in one day was the Corsair K70 – with red keys. I love the look, but the feel I was searching for in the keys wasn’t there. So it went back and I got a refund to pick up with same keyboard – but with blue keys via amazon. Again – love it.
  3. Corsair Mouse Pad – it’s freaking huge.
  4. Steel Series Rival Mouse. I don’t really get into many of the features of mice. I like a chunkier mouse that fills my palm. A couple of browser buttons on the side and I’m good to go. Of course, this wasn’t my first choice in a mouse – much like my keyboard search. I first bought a corsair mouse but same day returned it due to an odd shaped that was a little uncomfortable.
  5. Behringer MicroAmp HA400. 4 inputs for headphone – and powered. I use this to control my Logitech G430 and Creative speakers. A sort of pet peeve of mine is having to change audio sources when I want to switch from speakers to headphones. Using this I’m always using the G430 sound driver, all I have to do to switch from speakers to headphones is simply twiddle one knob down and the other up – also great for in-game volume adjustment.
  6. Logitech G430. Me and Pony bought these from Best Buy on the same day. It was somewhat of an impulse buy. Best Buy’s in store demo totally worked. We tried them out and went home. A few minutes later we were talking about how awesome they were, within 10 minutes we were back in store to pick up a set each.
  7. Westinghouse 32 inch TV. My primary monitor. Pretty much after returning home from a weekend beach trip, while my wife napped, I measured my desk to see what the biggest TV I could fit in the spot was. This is the result. Again – another Best Buy score.
  8. Monoprice 10 x 6.25 graphics drawing tablet. A Christmas present from my ol’ pal Pony. Man, what a guy. All the FatPonyGnome artwork has been done on this baby. If you are looking to break into digital art, I couldn’t recommend checking out monoprice’s tablets more. A whole lot of bang for the buck!
  9. Creative Speakers. Not a whole lot to say about this little set. A Goodwill score for 10 bucks. Its loud as hell and bassy as all getout. Plus there is an individual volume control module that sit on my desk.
  10. ┬áCasio watch…we’ve visited this before.
  11. My 19 inch dell monitor. Came with the first Desktop computer I ever bought and is still hanging around. It’s just nice to have a little extra monitor on the side to throw skype or spotify up on.
  12. The Gnome Machine! Asus Motherboard. Intel i7-4770. 8 gigs of memory. EVGA Geforce 780. This really deserves it own post. But this my desktop. Handles everyday tasks, editing, recording, gaming – everything.
  13. Logitech webcam – so Pony can see the ol’ Gnome while recording the podcast. Another Goodwill scores ~$2
  14. Xbox360 and Logitech Controllers – for platformer games – the only was to play 2D games!
  15. Stockpile of monoprice mice and mics.
  16. Pop! Figures. We have (in order from left to right) Predator, Sharknado, Walter White, RV Walker and Bicycle Girl. 100% gifts! Thanks everyone. ****The other 16 is my M-audio FastTrack Pro that I use to record the pod – woops.
  17. Router and whatnot – boring!
  18. Audio-Technica ART2100-USB, Desktop Mic Stand and Pop-Filter. Mic and Pop-Filter are loads from Pony. My podcasting mic. Makes me sound all soulful and stuff. USB capable, but I still use the XLR while recording the pod.
  19. David Bazan LP wall art.
  20. Secret goody compartment.
  21. Yamaha guitar tuner. I really only noted this to prove that I own this, it’ll most likely disappear soon. I just can’t keep track of this thing.
  22. 1 Gig external HDD – just sits there and backs up my main HDD on the Gnome Machine.

Well that’s it at this current time. Hopefully you found it interesting to peek into my workspace. Thanks for checking it out. Gnome – out!


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