Make Your Own Damn Podcast! Part 1

Make Your Own Damn Podcast Part 1

If you’ve ever thought about creating your own podcast, this is the special for you! Gnome and myself go over everything we know about podcasting and hope to clear up some questions you might have.

On part 1 we discuss:
– Finding a Cohost
– What should my show be about?
– How to schedule a podcast
– Show Format
– Podcasting Gear
– How many hosts?
– Standalone recorder vs. DAW
– Audio Interface vs. Mixer
– Should I use a USB microphone?
– Our gear we use for recording podcasts
– Condenser vs. Dynamic microphones
– Using a pop filter
– Microphone distance
– Recording software
– Syncing Audio
– Using Skype
– Cursing in podcasts?
– Avoid catchphrases?
– Editing the podcast
– Adding effects
– Media hosting
– Organizing Files
– Mix buss processing
– Track processing
– Editing gaps out of audio
– Sound effects : Youtube is your best friend
– Intro/Theme Song creation
– Volume Levels


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