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Picked this little game up yesterday. A Disney Game by Capcom. I half way remember a family friend having this game when I was younger.

At first glance, I’m pretty happy. The first level is straight forward enough. Defeat enemies, climb latter to progress through the stage – collecting powerups, health, and keys. The first screen of stage one, theres a door with “Key!” being called out. So right off the bat, you know what you have to find. My kind of game.

Now, I have something else to address. Part of the title screen is Mickey walking up to a sign, and calling out to Minnie to hurry the frig up. Here is where the problem is. Minnie. She trails behind you and doesn’t offer any help. She gets left behind and you gotta move Mickey about the latter so she can climb up. If she happens to get in front of you and you try to jump, its all wonky. Moving while in mid jump with Mickey up from = no problem. Try the same with Minnie up front = problem. This is probably the hardest thing to describe, how the game handles. Stage two, The Ocean. Try making a close Jump with Mickey on the edge of a platform that forces Minnie into the water. Go on, try it. You will die. Lets get Minnie out of this game, Mickey is fully capable of kicking some arse.

But aside from that, I’m enjoying it quite a bit. Its a challenge, but so far not impossible. I may be doing this review a little prematurely, as I’m only on stage two, but I wanted to get something about this game out there.

A bit more background of the game, taken from Wikipedia. I was going to rephrase this myself, but why bother. Wikipedia has it covered.

“Mickey Mousecapade is an NES game where the character of Mickey Mouse travel through the Fun House, the Ocean, the Forest, the Pirate Ship, and the Castle in an effort to save a young girl who happens to be Alice from Alice in Wonderland. Minnie Mouse follows Mickey around, and occasionally gets kidnapped.

It was developed and published by Hudson Soft in Japan and published by Capcom in theUnited States. The game was Capcom’s first venture into what became a successful trademark of making Nintendo games based on popular Disney characters. This is the only Capcom/Disney title that was not developed by Capcom and the game contains several sprites lifted from other Hudson Soft games”

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