Podcast Feed Troubles…Continued….

Some of you may have noticed that our stitcher feed isn’t updating, and hasn’t been for the last two episodes. After going insane trying to figure out what is up I decided to step back and just see what happens. If you want a look into what it’s like to be a stitcher content producer..check this out…

I received this email not long ago, so it turns out WE aren’t the problem. Even though THEY continually tell me it’s on our end.

“Dear Partner,

During the last two weeks Stitcher has been experiencing periodic delays in updating the service with your new episodes. Our engineering team is working on a solution that will increase the speed with which we update new episodes but in the meantime we appreciate your patience as we complete and test this work.

If you are experiencing delays, please allow a little more time than usual after you post an episode for it to appear on Stitcher. If you still haven’t seen the update after 24 hours, please reach out to us by emailing content@stitcher.com.

Thanks again so much for your patience – we are as eager to resolve this issue as you are!

The Stitcher Team”

So that’s what’s up with the feed. But remember, you can ALWAYS download the episodes directly from the ol horses mouth – right here. We always have you covered for your FatPonyGnome fix. Thanks for listening.




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