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Hey guys, Pony here, and on this article I wanna show you what I use to listen to podcasts on. I’m still a bit old school and stick with the humble mp3 player. And I’ll explain inside.
Sansa Clip 1280

I started to listen to podcasts way back in 2006 or so, and back then Apple was king. I don’t remember anyone using their phone to stream or download podcasts. The technology might not have been around yet, I’m not sure. You used iTunes and you had yourself an iPod. First I invested in a 30 gig black iPod that I would spend 8 or so hours at work listening to daily. Nonstop. So the iPods long battery life was a godsend. But after 7 years of heavy use it wouldn’t hold a charge anymore and wouldn’t output the right channel into my headphones. And like the loyal Apple sheep I was, I went right out and bought a 120 gig iPod.


But this one sucked. Big time. After about a year it started to malfunction while scrolling through and songs would freeze up. I would charge it and sometimes It would die in an hour. All the functions on it was slower than my old iPod. Plus the scroll wheel wasn’t as responsive.

So it was time to get another mp3 player. By this time I had a smart phone so the option to just use that was there. But I just didn’t want to rely on it. Where I work the reception isn’t the best plus my phone doesn’t have enough memory space for all the podcast I like to listen to. And there is always the question of battery life. I don’t think the battery in my phone will last long enough for 8 hours of continuous podcast play.

So I went to amazon.com to find myself a new mp3 player. I didn’t want an Apple iPod anymore. In my mind they are way overpriced and the iTunes software is just a hassle. But that doesn’t leave a lot of choice. Since the popularity of smart phones has skyrocketed, most mp3 player manufactures have gotten out of the game. Zune by Microsoft is discontinued. All I saw left were these little plastic cheap mp3 players. And I thought, I can’t downgrade, I gotta move up! But the “quality” mp3 players were in the excess of 300 bucks! No says I!

So for Christmas my girlfriend bought me a little mp3 player. I bet she was tired of hearing me complain about my malfunctioning iPod situation haha. And to my suprise, It was awesome!!!!!

ipod and sansa
Thanks Roxanne!
This little fella does everything the iPod Classic does but it does it faster and better. You drag and drop files onto it. No more iTunes junk. It’ll will play any file you throw at it. Including Flac and Wav! You can also add a microSD card to it and get a lot more space. I feel like an idiot for suffering with the iPods for so long. I should’ve bought a SanDisk model years ago!
If you’re interested in a hassle free mp3 player head over to Amazon and plunk down 30 bucks or so.*

*Not a paid advertisement for SanDisk. I wish it was.



  1. I have purchased 2 ipod of sansa and within 6 months both of thwm are not working and even not starting so i wanted to send it to your service centre to repair it or want u to replace it but i dont know the procedure to do it so if u r ready to do it so please give me rply in this email address …..

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