Pony’s Audio/Video Battlestation

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Tonight we take a detailed look at my desk and all the gear and knick knacks I have piled upon it. My desk is an L shaped design with overhead shelves purchased from the fine folks at Wal-Mart. It’s made of the finest particle boards and topped with the nicest faux wood paper money can buy. I dig it. Lets take a look at the main desk part.

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1. The most important item on my desk has to be the Necronomicon, also know as the book of the dead. It can bring back people from the dead! But other than that, its a really cool replica of the book used in the Evil Dead Series. I still have the dvds inside.
2. I’ve had these little Edirol Micro Monitors forever. The model number is MA-10D and the speakers are 3 inches i believe. I really should upgrade. One of these days. They sound decent enough but lacking in the bass range. Obviously.
3. My enormous monoprice graphics tablet and pens. It’s 12×9. That’s Huge.
4. The trusty behringer b1. I’ve recorded myself so much with this mic that my inner voice now sounds like the b1 with tons of compression.
5. Adjustable mic boom by OnStage Stands. I highly recommended this mic stand. It’s so nice to be able to adjust the mic to your specific liking and moving it out the way when you’re done. Bolts to the desk.
6. Wooden skull box. Yeah, I keep picks in it. Fender Heavy’s only. Like a real man.
7. Monoprice medium sized gamepad. It’s an affordable mouse pad. You’ll see alot of monoprice items on this list. It’s kinda my thing.
8. Behringer 4 channel mini headphone amp. Another must have for the studio. I have my headphones and studio monitors plugged into this bad boy. It can have two different inputs. Inputs hehehe
9. My main monitor. 1080p baby! haha It’s a HP w2338h which means its a 23 inch. It seemed alot bigger when I first bought it. I think it’s shrunk over time.
10. A Dell monitor left over from my old computer. Having mismatched monitors doesn’t bother me in the least. I don’t know why.
11. Vinyl stickers from a HorrorBlock. Freddy, Leatherface, Jason, and Michael. The icons of Horror.
12. Logitech webcam I use for The FatPonyGnome Show podcast so Gnome can see me. This makes it a lot easier to do the show, since you can read your cohosts facial expressions. See if he’s bored of your story or not. It’s an older model thats on the fritz now. Lots of noise and distortion in the picture.
13. Voodoo doll keychain made out of string. It also came in a Horror Block. It’s pretty weird looking. Probably the reason I see little creatures sneaking out of my closet at night. It’s cool, they don’t seem to care that I’m there.
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This is the other side of my desk. To my right when I sit in front of the main monitor.
14. A black mini flashlight. I don’t know why I added this to the list but it does come in handy when you have to crawl under your desk and plug crap into your computer. I was always banging my head into stuff before I got the flashlight. It’s the little things in life that help the most.
15. Mini Freddy Kruegar. It’s a funko figurine I got out of a Horror Block. As you can see I’m a big horror fan. FredHead for life!
16. Monoprice 7 button gaming mouse. I did a review of this mouse, check it out on Youtube. hint hint
17. Monoprice XLarge gaming pad. Also reviewed on Youtube.
18. USB Flashdrives. These are super handy for moving files around from computer to computer. I have a pink drive and Duracell battery drive that my girlfriend got me for Christmas.
19. Mini Alice Cooper figure. I stare at him when I record vocal tracks.
20. USB Wifi adaptor. I just needed something simple and cheap and easy to get on the internet since this computer is mainly offline. Works like a charm.
21. Little Dell 4:3 monitor I got from a thrift store. I love these monitors for webpage surfing and watching non hd tv shows. Having 3 monitors is just awesome. I keep the main program I’m running on the main monitor and usually something docked from that same program in the 2nd and the 3rd is used as a file manager usually.
22. This is where I sit my mp3 players when I’m not using them. The one on the bottom is a very old ipod that only outputs audio in the left ear and the battery dies in about 4 hours. On top is my new Sansdisk Sansa 4GB mp3 player that my girlfriend got me for Christmas. I love love this player. It can play any audio format and is super simple to add files to the player. Plus you can add microSD cards for more storage.
23. Behringer umc202 audio interface. I bought this to use with my laptop so I can record podcasts on the go. Funny thing is that I never record on the go. Odd.
24. I believe these are called engineers lamps. It’s a cool adjustable lamp. Any self respecting battlestation needs a good lamp. Here’s one cheap. At the WalMart again.
25. One of my favorite items that I own, the BloodSucking Freaks poster! This is my absolute favorite movie of all time. It’s a ballet onstage torture show midget kills people movie.
26. You can’t see it very well, but that’s a action figure of Henrietta from the Evil Dead 2 movie. It was a gift from our own Gnome.

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27. My latest acquisition, a Logitech G11 Gaming keyboard. A gift from Gnome, this keyboard has 18 macro keys that you can set to anything. I love it for using in Cockos Reaper Daw. And the backlit keys are a must since I work in the dark a lot. Like a vampire.
28. A gel wristpad. Another gift from the girlfriend. You gotta have one of these. Check out these lights!!!:

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The Shelf part of my desk. This is basically where I put all kinds of things that inspire me. Lots of toys.
29. Duck Dynasty bobblehead. Ok, I hate duck dynasty. A lot. But i got this on a birthday cake from my dad one year. My dad thought I looked alot like this toy. Because I have a bad ass beard. So lets just think of it as Pony in a skullcap.
30. Rowdy Roddy Piper Action Figure! I love wrestling and I will not apologize! So back off assholes!
31. My favorite album, Pacific Ocean Blue by Dennis Wilson. I adore the Beach Boys but this record in my opinion is better than any Beach Boy Record. There, I said it. His melodies are so beautiful and his scruffy voice compliments them wonderfully. Also a gift from Gnome. That dude gives me a lot of cool stuff.
32. Sleeping Chinaman statue. Another gift from my father.
33. Ok, I forgot to add 33 to the picture. Let’s just ignore 33, thanks 🙂
34. Shawn of the Dead Figures. A gift from ma and pa. I love his got wood shirt. The funny thing is that Gnome is a way bigger fan of them than I am. But i got the figures haha.
35. The Basement Collection discs. A German compilation of flash games from the maker of SuperMeatBoy. I love the game Time fcuck from this collection. Another awesome gift from Gnome.
36. Native Instruments Komplete 7. The complete collection of synths and effects from Native Instruments. I use these on all my projects. I also own komplete 8.
37. A lovely picture of my girlfriend and I In a field of Flowers. Gotta have a picture of your lady somewhere on your battlestation.
38. Two monkey statues. One has a jersey on and one is holding a football. I’ve always liked monkeys so I still get monkey gifts on my birthday and Christmas.
39. And here’s Captain Spaulding from the movie “House of 1,000 Corpses” standing in between the two monkeys. He’s wearing a tshirt with a hotdog on the front. ’nuff said.
40. Another Statue. This time of a skeleton playing an old stringed instrument. Skulls are cool.
41. A cd of the Mothers of Invention : Weasels ripped my flesh. I bought this during a gigantic flea market trip with the Gnome. Featured on the episode “FleaMarket Madness” from The FatPonyGnome Show.
42. Vader! Another wrestling figure. This time of a big fat mean dude who can do back flips off the top rope. Knocked Mick Foleys eye out in the ring. True story.
43. Rowdy Roddy Piper returns! Another action figure gift from my dad. I don’t like to open my action figures anymore. I like the packaging and displaying them on the walls and shelves. Yeah, pretty nerdy.
44. You can’t see these on the pic to well but I’ll tell you what it is anyways. They are pins from the movie Alien. I got it out of one of the HorrorBlocks I got in the mail. I haven’t found a use for them yet, so they are still up there.
45. Halloween sock monkey. See, i told ya I love monkeys! This one was a gift from my girlfriend too. I should give her more gifts.
46. Early 1970’s Kermit the Frog. I saw him at a fleamarket and my family convinced me to buy him because I kept staring at him. Great move! He looks just like the one from the show! He loves his Sock Monkey buddy.
47. Again with the wrestling! This is a WWE tin that I use for storing little adapters and whatnot. There may be a few wrestling cards still left in the container.
48. Plastic tupperware dish full of wires and adaptors and junk. Nothing to exciting. Moving on.
49. Red Led Bulb. I use this when I want to turn my room into a pseudo porno room. Works well for that.
50. Mystery Box. You will never know whats inside.
51. Early 1980s Realistic Mono Speaker box with a realistic grain pattern. Heavy as hell. I was gonna use this to monitor my mixes in mono but it needs a power amp. I’ll get around to hooking it up one day.
52. Red headphone cable. Why in the hell am I writing about that? Who cares.
53. Some recent cd purchases. Frank Zappa Apostrophe/Overnite Sensation, Miles Davis Black Beauty, and East River Pipe We Live in Rented Rooms. Freaky rock album, Freaky jazz album, and not very freaky pop album. I still buy cd’s because I’m a good person.

Well that’s my setup. I hope you enjoyed taking a peek into Studio Pony.


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